Monday, May 19, 2008


I love NYC. I do not love Dallas.

This doesn't mean I'm moving to NYC. Just that I'm not moving to Dallas. Yes, my head is a little screwy after walking the walkways (lead me to the building) of the big city. I love a big city! I love the accents and the ethnic foods here! I really need a place with space, though. I need to see the sky and the sunset and you can't see that for all the impressive empirechryslerscrapers around here.

I've eaten the best creme brulee, meatball, falafel, chocolate chip cookie of me life and I went to a restaurant that serves only chocolate. I could seriously augustus gloop-out in a place like that.We saw the show August: Osage County and it was touching and humorous and thought-provoking. It felt perfect.

We spent sunny Saturday climbing and walking in Central Park. Then we saw the Wood Brothers play with special guests John Medeski, a drummer and AMOS LEE! I peed a little.

I've enjoyed my time here, and tomorrow I leave. Texas is a pretty cool place, but I'm itching to see more more more of this beautiful country. I don't know the meaning of "enough" unless you are talking about food. Even then I understand it to be temporary.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I haven't posted a blog in years (actual time 1 week) and it's way too long since I've posted anything more than a sentence or two. Travel time along my brain's roads clocks in at a billion tps (thoughts per second), but that is not helping this blog sitch.

The past month has been a whirlwind of experiences for me. Some, like the cool evening air are familiar to me, while others have taken me completely by surprise. I often feel like I can't breathe indoors. I have theories for the why of this, but nothing is confirmed.

The hugeness and smallness of this life, just like the people who live it remain as much a mystery to me as my own soul. I can't believe the surprises held in a single day, both good and bad. I forgot about death. I forgot how being in love feels and how you can't tell a person how beautiful they are and expect them to believe you. I never cared so little or so much about details. I can't stand politicians and all their smack talk. They remind me of everything I dislike about government and this country and one person trying to control another. Running soothes me and exhilarates me at the same time and I realize I am a glutton for anything that does that.

This morning I fly to NYC and I am ready to be ready for what's next.

Friday, May 9, 2008

24 Hours

Some days everything leans your way, and some days it's like the universe shit in your bathwater.