Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wart Off

I love natural remedies. Once I had a wart on my knee that I never thought much about. In the third grade I was a dodgeball STAR! Thanks to my four brothers I was really good at dodging and unlike many of the girls in my class, I could actually throw the ball. During an extraordinary competitive and thrilling game, I hit the ground rolling to escape a body ball and also made the winning throw for my team. I was the last one standing so it required full commitment.

I stood up and amidst the cheers from my teammates, I heard my P.E. teacher tell me to go to the nurse. Looking down I saw blood gushing from both my knees. So worth it. I marched proudly off the field and after the nurse dressed my battle wounds, I realized that my wart was no longer there. Sweet! Unfortunately, weeks later I noticed a garden of mini warts sprouting on both my knees. No, no, no, this would not do.

My mom starts bringing this up in conversation with various relatives and friends (yay), and everyone has heard of a home wart solution. Rub potato flesh on them. Duct tape them. Try wart cream. I ended up sleeping a couple nights with cottonballs soaked in vinegar bandaged to my knees. Stunk. Soggy wrinkled knee skin. But it worked, the vinegar actually burning and thus killing the root of the warts.

That's a beautiful story and all to say, I wish I had some lavender oil on me. It is an immediate relief and cure to a spider bite, but also helps mosquito bite itchings (such as the one on my ankle) subside.

I'd also love to hear about other natural remedies. Please.