Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cynical Ramblings of a near thirty-year old

"I hate people." A co-worker said this to me today. I hated them, too. Hated the jerks, hated the inconsiderate, hated them just for showing up.

Everywhere there is so much unnecessary negativity. I can't get over how mean people are to each other. The kids who never learned to share grow up and become bosses, politicians, parents. We shake our fists, maybe a middle finger, we cuss and fuss in traffic, but as soon as we get the chance, we'll cut in line and justify it, or slow down suddenly aware we're about to miss our exit, our turn, never mind the cars behind.

Earlier this fall I finished reading The Kite Runner, and it opened my eyes to how universally cruel people are to each other. In politics, in the world, in backyards, we disrespect the ones we could learn from.We hate the differences. We all do it. Not selectively, not based on anything more than egocentric perspectives, jealousy or stupid, baseless fears that somehow exist and accrue power. What can we do?

I guess we do the good deed when it occurs to us and then we move on and try not to carry with us all the bad thoughts and hates others might rub off on us. Any frustrating situation is fertile ground for growing some organic negativity. I try to remember that I do it to others. I might not do that exact thing that peeves me so, but I certainly don't live the whole of my days in full consideration of others. In fact I've tried this to a fault, and I'm certain it's impossible to never offend simply because you can never guess the things that piss people off. Not everything. This is one area where the vastness of unique human characteristics cannot be predicted. We're all a little crazy and you can't count on crazy.

To get along around other people, I think you just have to be willing to let some things slide. But not everything. No one should get away with everything and everyone should get away with some things. I suspect that many of us believe we get away with less than we let other people get away with. But then we have to remember that we can never know all the things that drive other people crazy and therefore, there is no way to keep record of who's ahead.