Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sorry for the bad joke. You'll see.

It's been a minute since I've blogged. In the past 43 days I've been to the emergency room, seen a baby donkey, ridden 5 hours in a van with no A/C in the middle of the day and done lots of fun summery things, such as float the river with a good ol'buddy.

So pleurisy is when something gets caught between your lung lining and your rib cage and gets inflamed or infected. Eventually it hurts to breath, which can cause panic to set in. This is what happened to me. I called my man and he came to my rescue. We ended up at a fire station and then in an ambulance and then the ER. It wasn't as much of an emergency as it felt like, meaning it wasn't my heart and I wasn't in danger of dying. But it was scary for both parties.

Baby donkeys are furry and soft and pretty sweet. It's when they grow up that they can be a real ass. My relatives have some land up in North Texas where time melts into itself. Less than 24 hours there but I felt like I'd been injected with that fabulous vacation iv. It lasted at least 2 days.

My latest music review can be read here and there are more to come soon. Check it out for a link for a free download.